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Behavior Carrots vs. Bell Peppers


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Jun 3, 2012
I had just introduced my girls to some red and yellow bell peppers today, but they don't seem to like them at all.

But they had, once again, shown me just how much they :love: carrots.

I had hidden two small pieces of carrots under several pieces of bell peppers in their veggie dish. The two of them had simply dug underneath the bell peppers to get the carrots.

They really have a good scent of smell. lol

I've heard that guinea pigs love bell peppers in the forums. I wonder why mines doesn't. Or maybe it's just that they aren't used to the scent and taste of bell peppers yet.

I'll see if the bell peppers are still there the next morning. If not, I'll try one more day. If they still don't like it, then the bell peppers are for me.
You can dice up the Bell Pepper into pencil eraser size pieces, fold them up in something the Piggies DO like, (Lettuce?) and feed it to them. That way they inadvertently get a taste of the Pepper with something they do like, so maybe they will begin to eat Pepper regularly.

Mine do not care for yellow or red but will eat green. Green is better for them anyways. Any veg that they dont take to, try cutting it up small and mix with their pellets or grate it over their pellets. These methods help them to nibble and taste the veg and usually they end up liking it; just don't forget to throw out the pellets in the am or pm and give them some fresh, do not want them eating spoiling food ;).
None of my pigs ate peppers right off the bat. The only method that worked for me to get them to eat their pepper was to chop it up with something that would cover up the smell and taste of the pepper. I used apple, carrot, cucumber, or some other treat type food that they loved. When I mixed it with the pepper, they would try it right away. After a few days of doing this they started to eat the pepper without having to mix it with other stuff.
Good luck!
Pigs have different tastes. Quee loves bell peppers, but Kwee won't eat them.
My girls are the opposite! Carrots are eaten only when they are the last thing in the cage to eat and they won't eat them while you are watching. So silly.
Thanks for all your advice, but mines seemed to have worked with my girls (I did that with lemon balm leaves as well, though I haven't given them anymore since then). They still haven't finished all of the 4 pieces, but they (or one of them) had eaten 1.75 pieces at this moment. I think they'd probably finish it all by tomorrow.
My girls didn't like bell peppers at all at first, but after a few days, they took to them. This happens a lot with new veggies, so keep trying.
Robin seemed to have taken a liking to bell peppers. I haven't seen Rhode eat any yet though. If Robin really is the only one who would eat them, I'll lower the amount I put in.
How much bell peppers should you give your guinea pig
my first piggy pepper didnt like bell peppers at all, wouldnt touch them :/
Three of my pigs will eat any color bell pepper, and Buttercup is my stubborn one. He'll only eat green.

I give things several tries before giving up. Sometimes they will randomly start eating veggies they previously refused.
My guinea pigs don't like the green ones they will just take few nibbles,but I heard the green ones are the best should I try the yellow
My guinea pigs don't like the green ones they will just take few nibbles,but I heard the green ones are the best should I try the yellow

I use Yellow, and the only difference is that they are ripe Green peppers. They have a higher Vit-C content than Green and are higher in Sugars.
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