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Parasites Carpet Beetles?


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Dec 30, 2011
So I was unsure of where to post this, but had a question regarding carpet beetles. I put the prefix as parasite, because I'm unsure of what the prefix of the post should be. If an admin thinks this is incorrect information, please change it... Thanks!

Today while I was feeding my boys before leaving for work for the night, I noticed a small white/black striped looking bug on my floor (I have tile floors). I killed it, but got to wondering about it at work and started researching to make sure my guys didn't have fleas or lice... Found a picture that matched the bug exactly and it seems to have been a carpet beetle.

What I am wondering is if this is something that could possible infest my boys' cage, or cause issues/discomfort for them? I found a link with a little information about Carpet Beetles, but was unsure of the effect they may have on piggies.

Genus Anthrenus - Carpet Beetles - BugGuide.Net - Carpet Beetle Info.

I do clean constantly, dust, etc. I'm wondering if me seeing this guy could be caused by the increase of pollen in our area lately. Granted, I only saw one of the bugs, I'm just trying to be proactive and make sure there's no issues or that an infestation could be occurring without me really knowing. The website also states that these bugs could feed on animal food, and shed skin flakes of people and animals... Could the pigs be causing these guys to show up?

A lot of just wondering here.

Thanks in advance for any information!
More likely it's the carpet, and not particularly the pigs. It doesn't sound like they will harm the pigs, but you probably want them gone.

I wonder if some DE would work? Or a boric acid product, like Fleabusters?
Well the thing is that I don't have any carpet in my house. We have all wood floors upstairs and where I live (in the basement) I have ceramic tile flooring and there's laminate tile flooring outside my room. That's why I was wondering if maybe the increase of animal activity in my house could be the culprit...

I'll look more into it and keep an eye out. Like I said, I only found one bug... But I'm concerned more could be going on in a location where I don't see.

Thanks for the info!
I've battled carpet beetles. I seriously almost lost my mind. They don't feed on people or animals. They feed on natural fibers. The 'carpet' part of their nickname is misleading. They are found mostly in closets. They love silk. Most people blame moths for the holes in their clothes when it's actually these beetles (that are actually weevils). They'll also feed on dead skin and rarely, hair. So I don't think they'll bother the piggers. I've actually read that most people have these little boogers but never notice them b/c regular vacuuming seems to keep them in check. You have tile, I found mine in my bathroom, on tile or I never would have known.

So we went to a local farm supply store and got Bayer Home Pest Control plus Germ Killer. It has cyfluthrin in it, which I've read is the only thing that will kill the beetles (as a plus, you won't have ANY bugs in your house after this stuff!) Spray all the baseboards, they like to hide in the dark. I went way far and cleaned out all my cabinets and sprayed them as well. I believe I remember the egg cycle, whatever that's called, being 3 weeks. So 3 weeks later, spray again. Wash all your clothes in as hot as water as allowed. Some things can't be, just check them over. After this you can spray less. I sprayed every 3 months. I could always tell when it was time to spray again b/c I'd start seeing stinkin spiders. Between this time make sure to leave your closets open to the sun about once a week or so. Vacuuming your bed should be part of your routine and vacuuming any carpet you may have.

This cyfluthrin stuff is awful. It has this hang in the back of your throat and gag you, um, quality. So move everything away from the wall so you can spray the baseboards and window seals quick and spray yourself out of the room. Don't forget the closets (and I sprayed my dresser drawers the first time, all clothes removed) I would spray the back half of my house, close the doors and give it an hour then spray the other half and hang out in the back half. Or leave. I would always make sure my daughter wasn't near it and if possible, gone with Daddy and my animals were always outside or locked on the opposite end of the house. I didn't have guinea pigs but of course you'd want them as far away from the spraying as possible and give their room plenty of time to dry and the fumes to go away. It does go away in about 30 minutes and then it's completely scent-less.

I've read you can't really completely get rid of them as it would require taking apart your furniture, but I was OBSESSIVE about checking for them and I never saw another after using that stuff. And I got down and checked the carpet with a magnifying glass (I told you I almost lost my mind!!)

I hope I helped! I read A LOT about these guys and talk to a local college professor that did the bug thing (entomologist?). I feel pretty educated on them and feel pretty confident in saying your piggies aren't in any danger from them.
Yeah, I saw that they mainly feed on dead skin/hair of animals and humans, and possibly animal food (dog food/etc)... I'll go ahead and speak to my parents about us spraying. I've been trying to get them to spray the basement for months anyway, since I'm the only one that is down there and am constantly seeing spiders and other bugs.

Thank you for all the useful information. I really appreciate it!
@JadeRenee - on a side note, I love your avatar pic...and actually ALL of the pics in your albums! :)
wow im glad i saw this post back in ny i used to find small holes in my shirts all the time ill bet they were there and getting into my dresser. :(
Stacy, it probably was! The beetles leave little holes, moths do way more damage from what I've heard.
@SeeSpotSit - Thank you! I am an avid photography nerd. Someday soon I'm going to get my real camera out and actually shoot my guys... I just haven't had the time with working so much. :)
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