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Photos Carliee back to her old self!!


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Jan 13, 2012
Just wanted to share some pictures of my girl that I took today. She loves to sleep in the sun while I read. I just can't help not taking pictures of her sweet face, and all my friends think I am nuts for how much I enjoy her company.

A week and half ago I discovered she had mites. It came out of nowhere. She is my only pig, and nothing new happened in her life. Not only that, I am OCD about her cage. It has got to be the cleanest cage in town. She gets her cage swept twice a day, and all her bedding changed every other day.
After I found out that something wasn't right, I also noticed she had a bald spot underneath all her very thick fur by her left shoulder. It looked nasty.
I did a bunch of research. Went out and bought Ivermectin for mites and Monistat for the fungus. After both treatments a week and half later she is back to her old self. Her bald spot is not bald anymore, it has peach fuz. She has lost all the little scales that covered her body from the mites, and has stopped itching. I am very thankful.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Carliee back to her old self!![GuineaPigCages.com] Carliee back to her old self!![GuineaPigCages.com] Carliee back to her old self!!
What a little cutie! Good thing she's healthy again. I'm treating my pigs for mites soon. As far as I know they don't have them, but they've been itching and shedding more, and I'm bringing two new pigs into the picture soon and I don't want to take chances. She's an adorable pig, I love her fuzzy fur.
Have you ever thought of getting a cage mate for her? It's so cute watching them chase one another.
Thank you guys!!! I had adopted a girl teddy off craigslist 4 months ago. Carliee wanted nothing to do with her. I had them housed together for 2 months before I decided it just wasn't healthy for either of them. My best friend's daughter had a girl piggy, and she took her in. Carliee isn't mean to other pigs, she is just pushy and bossy. She wants everything to be only hers. She would chase the pig out of the hidey's and fleece forest. Poor thing couldn't relax anywhere. I know someone who has an accidental litter that is suppose to be born in 4 weeks. I may try again. I spend a LOT of time with Carliee to make up for her being a single pig. She has a 2x4 all to herself for now though.
What a doll! I've never seen a pig with such curly whiskers before.
Awww, cute overload here!!!
Cute picture love those little lips and nose.
I am a sucker for her pouty lip. She gets treated like a princess.
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