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Cardboard not safe


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May 7, 2009
Does that also mean cardboard egg cartons and those cardboard peices that are used as packaging. I assume its not safe for rabbits either?
I would guess that they aren't safe, plus anything that held eggs I wouldn't give to a pig. I know for a fact that tp rolls and cardboard for boxes isn't safe, but that kind of cardboard I wouldn't know for sure. It's better to be safe rather than sorry though.
Yeah I don't think I will be giving cardoard toys anymore. Its unfortunate because they really like cardboard. I think they will forgive me if I get apple tree twigs. They love those. Especially the bunny.
Is cardboar okif they don't eat it??
My pigs toss around paper towel tubes but they never chew on them or shredd them.
That's sad to hear!
My bunny loves toilet paper tubes stuffed with hay, but I guess I'll have to stop giving them to him!
Does anyone know if these are unsafe? (broken link removed)

I always toss the hay, but Bubba loves to sleep in them and chew on them, and George likes to sleep in his, but he never chews on it.

I'm just curious because it's made specifically for small animals. I really hope it's safe because my rabbit would hate me if I took it away from him. (One time his was destroyed and it took me a few days to replace it and he was not pleased with me until I got him a new one.) :guilty:
Wait, I thought cardboard was safe for pigs...is there a thread saying it's not? I stuff their hay in toilet paper rolls all the time and make A-frames out of cardboard boxes.
Wait, I thought cardboard was safe for pigs...is there a thread saying it's not? I stuff their hay in toilet paper rolls all the time and make A-frames out of cardboard boxes.

I believe there was a thread on guinealynx recently explaining that it wasn't safe due to the glue used on the cardboard. Other than that I haven't read anything else that said it was not safe.
Wait, I thought cardboard was safe for pigs...is there a thread saying it's not? I stuff their hay in toilet paper rolls all the time and make A-frames out of cardboard boxes.

There was a post on here a while back talking about if they were really safe or not. People came on who worked in cardboard making factories, and said they wouldn't give it to pigs, because of all the nasty glue that is used and such (I think someone said something about glass was used in it also o_O) And the fact that they aren't making tp rolls and boxes with the thought in mind that someone might eat it, so they use whatever toxic glues, etc they want.
That's a shame. They look like such inexpensive fun hideys :C I can only assume cartons are the same..? Do they use similar glue, or is it mostly just packaging cardboard that's suspect?
I can't find it with the search engine, but I'm the one who posted it. What it said is that Kimberly-Clark, which makes toilet paper and other paper products on rolls, had responded to a question about whether the rolls were safe. K-C said that the glue they use is definitely not designed to be consumed. They did not recommend allowing pets to eat the cardboard tubes.

Here's the link over at GL, where the email was posted: https://www.guinealynx.info/forums/viewtopic.php?p=2007034.
It's a bummer that cardboard isn't safe. My pigs loved tossing toilet paper rolls around. I'll have to see if there's a good alternative for them.

When did they find out about cardboard not being safe for piggies? I have made hidey hhoes out of cardboard and should it on this site and no one said it was not safe..Beside our excotic vet said it was safe when we asked them.
Read post #13. The glue is not certified for consumption. And I'm sure the cardboard isn't manufactured in any cleaner conditions than are necessary to prevent fires, etc.

You can buy Chubes, which are made of cardboard, and are safe to eat.
There was also another post, not the one @bpatters posted I think, where we were talking about if all cardboard was really safe, seeing as it's made to carry stuff, not for animals to eat, and a few users came on who had worked in cardboard factories and talked about how they were made with nasty stuff and should not in any means be given to animals to chew on. I'll go search my email for it, however I don't know if I'll be able to find it.
I see, thanks for the info. I've always been under the impression that the glue is bad, of course it's not meant for consumption; but if you have pigs that aren't big chewers, it really shouldn't be a problem. On the other hand, if you have an animal that does chew a great deal, like a chinnie or rabbit, it could be a bigger problem. I usually give my bunnies boxes that are taped rather than glued, but there are places where you can buy cardboard hideys and things that are (presumably) completely edible. Most animals don't usually ingest the cardboard anyway, but chew and spit. :)
@Paula Sorry, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm pretty sure that it was an of topic conversation too, so the title of the post wasn't something obvious like "Cardboard is bad don't give it to your guinea pigs" I think the original post had something to do with someone asking if bedding made out of cardboard was ok, and then it kinda went from there, however it was nearer to when I joined, so I don't remember it super well, all I know is that after that conversation I took all the cardboard TP rolls and such out of my cage, threw them straight into the trash, and will never put any sort of cardboard thing in their cage again. :D
They made no such mention of dangerous cardboards on the Little Brambles website.. Pretty sure they said that it was safe :S
wait so what about shoes boxes, ramen noodle boxes, and carpet roles? thats all i use in my guinea pigs cage. what do i replace them with thats just as cheap?????
To stay on the side of caution, I'd just not use any cardboard stuff in the cage, it doesn't hurt to be extra careful, but it would hurt if your guinea pigs ingest something they shouldn't. Other stuff you can use would be store bought toys, they may cost a lot at first, but you don't have to replace them as often. You can also bend grids (Like for ramps) To make tunnels, use fleece forests for hiddy spots, ect. The only real homemade thing I use with my guinea pigs, is popsicle stick stuff, made with natural wood popsicle sticks, and non toxic glue, however I only bring those out at play time. I actually made this cool huge barn type thing with a pasture, and at floor time I lay down hay on the floor of the pasture type area, and they all go out and graze in it. xD I've always had a passion for horses, and guinea pigs are the closet small animal to them, so I treat them like my mini horses, they don't seem to mind, as long as they get food. xD (Sorry to get off topic there xD)
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