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Photos Caramel’s cage updates


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Nov 24, 2018
Hello hello! Finally upgraded Carms cage the other day (started late the 14th and finished at like 4-something A.M. the 15th) and i wanted to share it! Its nothing fancy, and its really empty right now, but i do have plans to get more stuff for him soon!

Caramel’s cage updates

Caramel’s cage updates

(Also please excuse the weird angles and cropping- my room is a mess and i was trying to avoid that being in the pictures)

Had to do the coroplast in two pieces since it was too big to fit in our car when i bought it, so my dad had to cut it so it would fit, but im pretty happy with how it turned out :)

I want to do a fleece forest on the far right side, and get another hide to put somewhere on the left soon! His hay rack is also temporary, currently using an old one i had saved till i clean the other one i have.

Anyway! Thats all i wanted to update on, im sure ill be back with more pictures once i get some more stuff for him :)
Looks very good so far! I'm sure Carm will be happy with what you've accomplished for him here. Looking forward to seeing more progress!
Hello again! I cleaned Carm’s cage earlier and added some new stuff so I thought I’d drop in and post a pic!
(Sorry again for the weird angle and cropping, my room is still a mess and I’m still trying to avoid it being in pictures)


Still using the the extra hay rack I had, life has been all over the place so cleaning the other has been pushed back, and the extra one does it’s job. Definitely want to get it cleaned soon though since I prefer it over the extra one
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