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General Car rides: How long is too long?


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May 20, 2009
Hi everyone,

I'm having a bit of a dilemma here; I have a guinea pig that needs a set of about 3-4 hormone shots over the next couple months for ovarian cysts. This is a normal thing for her, she's been dealing with it over the past couple years.

However, I just moved about 45 minutes away from my pigs' vet. I have gone to a new exotics vet in the city where I live now, but I don't 100% trust this vet yet, particularly with this problem which is a bit more rare and complicated than an eye infection, which is what I took my other piggie in for a few months ago.

So for those of you who have taken your pigs for long car rides, do you think my piggie would be okay being driven 45 minutes each way to her old vet? I am worried about how stressful it would be for her to be in the car plus the vet visit. I would put lots of hay in her carrier plus some lettuce, cucumber, and other treats.

Thanks in advance!
Pigs are fine during rides. I travel 3 and a half hours to and from home eight times a year with three piggies in tow. I just strap their containers in with a seat-belt and make sure to give them ample hay. I also have found that my piggies feel very vulnerable if they travel and do not have towels to burrow in and hide under. You can give them cucumber if you think they will get too thirsty.
I have travel alot with my girls..I aslo give them hay and lettuce with me..I put them in a cat carrier and also use the seat belt..It's cute..In the winter I just warm up the car first or in the summer I put the AC on before I put them in the car.
I got 3 guinea pigs from a rescue 5 1/2 hrs away-one way, that is. They were fine. Just be careful to wrap (loosely) the carrier so that stray drafts don't harm your piggie.
We have the same issue...our Vet is a good 40 minutes away !! We use a store bought cage and strap it in...also we make sure they have food, water and their Fav. Blanket to lay on...plus we cover 3 quarters of their cage with a towel, because ours seem to do better when they have a dark place.
I agree that every pig is different, but generally most do well during car rides. I would go on car trips with my late Pedro to visit family that lived 12 hours away. He always did very well. I just stopped often to give him wet veg and a stretch out of his crate. I used a large dog crate for his car rides.

I drove 45 min. to get my little girl, and she was a bit more jumpy during the trip. She did well, but she was a bit scared. For my newest pig I drove 3 hours, and he did fantastic on the ride.

In my experience, guinea pigs are pretty good little travellers. Just make everything comfy, pack food, and give wet veg often.
When I was much younger (14 years younger lol ) my family moved from Michigan to Texas in a two day drive. The guinea pigs did awesome for the trip! Much better than our poor collie who got car sick. The guinea pigs were in a large plastic storage container. All made it to their new home happy and unharmed. We had 3 at the time if I remember correctly. Buddy, Corry and Reeses.
Thanks for your responses everybody! I definitely feel that she can make it back and forth from the vet a few times. I'll pack lots of cucumbers and maybe some watermelon too, she is a huge water drinker. And I will definitely bring a comfy fleece bed and some towels for her to hide in.

One last question though: is a cat carrier big enough to take her on the ride? Or would she be better off in a small-animal cage? A cat carrier is easier for me to carry but I want her to be comfortable.
I'd think that smaller is almost better if they're by themselves. With the movement of the car, they don't move around much. I'd think shr they would prefer to be in a small, comfy dark place so when the car shifts (breaks suddenly, accelerates, etc.) she don't go moving around too much because there isn't much room for her to move around in!
I have posted a thread specifically on the topic of what carrier to use.

Smaller is really never better. ESPECIALLY if you have 2 Guinea Pigs. Never separate the two, just for reference.

A cat carrier really ISN'T small. Honestly, most cat carriers are bigger than a store bought cage. I just used a pet carrier in general. It has the floor space of about 2 1/2 grids long and 1 1/4 grid wide, so it is perfect for the trip.
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