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Can't upload a profile picture


Cavy Slave
Jan 19, 2014
I'm trying to upload a profile picture. The file name fills in, but when I try to save the changes, I get the message that the upload failed. I tried the "contact us" link to ask for help, and my message bounced back saying that the email account "[email protected]" does not exist. I must be doing something wrong!
There are size limits on profile pics and avatars... Is your picture too big? They're pixel-based so if you're using a good quality image it might be too big.
I reduced the picture to 50x37 pixels (34 kb) but it still won't take it!
I'm not sure if there are problems because the forum just moved to a new server.
I was able to successfully upload a profile picture this morning. Yay! It isn't showing up yet in my posts, but I assume it will eventually!
For Posts, you would need to upload avatar picture. Profile pic only shows up when people view your profile page.
Thanks! I'll do that now.
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