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Play Can't even touch my pig


Cavy Slave
Jan 27, 2015
Today is the fourth day of the 30 days old pig with me. He is so cute. He eats normally and poo and pee but I never saw him drinking. To make sure he get enough water I am feeding him grapes cucumber and wet carrots and wet spinach. I have given him a carton to hide in the cage. It takes all the food inside it and eat in the dark. But the problems are
1. He is too much scared of me, I can't even touch him. He always run away when I approach.
2. He is always hiding in the carton never comes out. I fear if he stay inside the carton alway, he won't come out any more. He Will love to stay there and live in confined area. I always open the carton from the top to take him out.

Please suggest me what to do.
Just give him time. My guinea pigs took a while to come around. You just need to act normal around him and associate you with treats (Veggies) even if you just need to put your hand in and drop the veggies in front of him until he takes them from you.
It took two weeks for my girls to take food from my hand. I would hold out a piece of carrot every day and they would come out farther and farther everyday to get it.
They still run away and hide with it while they eat. It's their way of keeping it to themselves so no one steals it. lol It's natural for them to hide.

Grapes may not be good for him but spinach is very good for a young piggy.

It's only the fourth day and you are doing well. Eventually he will come out and run around more.
is the carton the only hidey he has? If so, try to put some more so he is interested in exploring. Give him time. All pigs are scared when they first go to a new home. Hand feed him so he gets used to you. This will take some time, so be patient. Good luck!
Does he have a guinea pig friend? Guinea pigs often open up and feel much more comfortable and less lonely with a friend of their own species.
I have one more question
Since he is too scared to come out of his hole I don't give him any floor time. Shall I wait for him to more open up or I shall take him out regularly. If I take him out he will hide anywhere and won't do any stretching. Meanwhile m happy that he have started eating from my hand though scared.
It took my guinea pig 6 months to a year for my guinea pig. Give him time; he'll get used to you eventually!
Are you talking about letting him run on the floor not in an enclosed space? Yes he will run and hide, you have to use some thing to enclose the space. I use grids zip tied together, that just fold up. I would work on lap time, just make sure you have a thick towel for them to stay on. They may pee and poo at first, mine get antsy when they need to go back in.
Shall I remove all the small hide from his cage and cover the cage from top so that it will be hidden and not hidden at the same time.
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