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Canada Canadian Tire Grids in Ontario on Sale Mar 16-22, 2012


Cavy Slave
Feb 28, 2012
Canadian Tire Grids are on sale this week in Ontario for $23.49 plus tax.

(broken link removed)

It comes in black, four-cube pack by "Frameworks."

The grids do go on sale for 50% if you want to wait.
I can not find the grids in our flyer.
Is this an online only sale I wonder?
It's not in the flyer, but if you go to the store, you'll see it with a little tag that signifies that it is on sale (or ask a sales person). I have the item on my "sale alerts" at Canadian Tire.
i got mine at wall mart mind you is not the 4 cube one but the 3 cube one for 20 bucks i bought 2 just to be safe : )
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