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Canadian Newbie!


Cavy Slave
Feb 3, 2012
Hello everyone! I've been browsing this website for several years, and finally joined after adopting 3 boars lol

Here are my boys:

Patrick (the single boar who came with Jacob):

Jacob (living with Tommy now):

Tommy (adopted a month before the other two, from a close friend):

Patrick is 3 years old, Jacob and Tommy are approximately 2 1/2 years old. Jacob is very small and looks to Tommy for leadership. He and Patrick were together for years before I got them, though they fought like mad.

Tommy came to me with a bunny (who was rehomed with other rabbits), from good friends of mine. Their children had lost interest, so after a week of discussions, I adopted them both. Steve (the bun) was a young buck, so he ended up with a woman who used to run a large rabbit rescue. He's now a little (13 y/o) girl's best friend ;)

Patrick is very shy of humans, though once I get a hold of him, he's calm. He is getting better at being handled, and takes less time to relax. He does enjoy cuddles and attention, and begs for his veg in the morning :D

Tommy is a doll! He's not very dominant, but he and Patrick do not get along. After Jacob and Patrick's quarantine was over, I started to introduce them. That aggravated the already tense relationship between Patrick and Jacob, causing me to one night switching Patrick and Tommy. There were two days of figuring things out between them, and now they are quite close.

I am actually trying to figure out the best way to make a C&C cage for them, as right now they are in small commercial cages. I have the grids, I just need to figure out some things (like where to put them inside).

Well, thank you very much for having me here! Oh, and a photo of Tommy and I together for good measure!
So cute! I've from Canada too and new on this forum - from Toronto area. I found coroplast recently at a sign store for very cheap, or also Deserres art store sells it for $25 for a large sheet. If you click on Find Coroplast at the top of this page that's how I found the art store source! Very helpful.
Thank you! I am going to check around this week to see if I can find some coroplast :D That would be the best thing to keep the floor clean, lol!
Hello and welcome! Your piggies are adorable!
Thank you ever so much! I personally think they are adorable as well ;)
Hello and welcome :)

adorable piggies!!!!! Based on the second pic, you have two pigs or four. Sorry :)

Have fun on the forum:)
Thank you! I have three, the first and second pictures are compilations :D
Cute piggies! I want one of those wobble toys...but can't seem to find one. Where did you get it?
Thank you! That toy actually came with Jacob and Patrick :D It was hanging in their cage. I rotate between the two cages :D It's got wheat bread in it now, Jacob's favorite ;)
Welcome, what adorable piggies you have.
Yeah! Someone else from B.C. Welcome to the forum. I have three C & C cages and only 2 female piggies. I built a 2 X 3 and then decided to go bigger to a 2 X 4. I also have a 1 X 2 to take them to the vets. The 2 X 3 fits in my Rav 4 and I took them to Lethbridge, Alberta to visit my daughter last summer in it. I got my coroplast from Home Depot.

Your piggies are so cute. I love your pictures. I haven't learned how to post pictures yet.
Thank you both!

Delaine, where abouts in BC do you live? I will check HD for the choroplast :D Oh, and I uploaded my pics to Photobucket, then copied and pasted the IMG code :D
Hi and welcome, You have some handsome fellows. Love the picture of you and tommy.
Thank you very much! :D
Welcome to you and your boys! They are all so handsome and I love their names! :D
Welcome to the forum! Your piggies are just adorable. Hope all goes well with your c and c cage plans and that you can find any answers you have about piggies and piggie care on this site!-
Thank you both!

Delaine, where abouts in BC do you live? I will check HD for the choroplast :D Oh, and I uploaded my pics to Photobucket, then copied and pasted the IMG code :D

I live in the Okanagan, how about you?
Kamloops :D Hey, we're neighbors! :D
I am in Vernon, so we are neighbours!
Oh wow! We're only and hour apart :D That is awesome, I got to Vernon a few times a year :D
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