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Can you use grid as flooring?


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Apr 25, 2004
Or would it hurt to much? If you can how big should they be?
No, No

You can not use grids as flooring. They have to be covred by something. Besides there little feet would fall right through. If you do use grids for flooring it can cause sever foot problems.
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Mrs_eads80 is right, they can foot problems such bumble foot and many others.
cavylover said:
You Can use grids as flooring but its wrong :p.
How can you use the normal grids for flooring? The openings are too big, their feet would fall right through.
I wouldn't do so Branskins. Theres no need and its just extra work for you!
You can use coroplast, linolium or some other type of plastic (tablecloth, shower curtain) for a bottom.
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