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Cleaning Can you add lavender or other scent to washing machine with the fleece bedding?


Cavy Gazer
Jan 6, 2022

I have a GuineaDad bedding and wash it with sensitive skin detergent and vinegar in the washing machine. However, after some time anything that comes out of the washing machine smells kind of weird.. Like a mix of vinegar with something. So I was wondering if it's safe to use some kind of scented oil or something like that to wash the bedding. I was also thinking of getting some lavender sachets to hang on the drying rack.

Thanks for all answers :)
No. Don't add any scents, oils, or anything else to their fleece. Pigs have very sensitive respiratory systems and as such are VERY susceptible to upper respiratory infections. These can come on very suddenly and the your pig can be too sick to save before you even realize they ARE sick.

I use Tide Free and Clear washing my fleece, and add a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle.
I use 7th Generation and vinegar, and the bedding sometimes comes out smelling too...not a bad smell, but it's definitely a pig smell.
I usually have mine go through either a second rinse or a longer rinse. And sometimes will just wash the fleece twice so the smell is lessened. I also use an unscented detergent and vinegar because they have sensitive respiratory systems.
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