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Conditions Can pigs catch human flu or cold from us?


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Nov 13, 2011
Greetings all

Before I "pig up", as my husband calls lap time, I was wondering if guinea pigs can catch colds or flu from us humans? I saw in another thread that a sick vet did not want to make an appointment to see a pig, as he didn't want to give it the flu...
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No, it can't be transmitted for humans to pets.

Of course, it wouldn't be a good idea to handle them if you are gonna get sick while holding them. :D
I *have* heard that bacterial bronchitus can be passed to pigs. Most cases of bronchitus are caused by a virus,though. At least according to wikipedia.
My Vet said they couldn't catch a human cold or flu. I was at my Vet thurday, when i took our 3 lil girls in for a check up and for coconut and her URI !! I asked her if they could..she said no. but they can catch it from another animal that is sick. She said they can also catch what it know as a Kennel cough...( that is if pigs are cage with others animals that are sickin in the same room). But as for a human cold/flu...No..!! But i agree with the others, u still really wouldn't want to hold them for long with a cold..!! Cause honestly u just Never know..!!!
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