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Cage Can my piggy get out?


New Member
Cavy Slave
Jun 18, 2012
I've been reading articles about making your own cage, i think it's a great idea and i want to make one for my piggy. He is in a store bought cage now. My question is can he get out of a c & c cage? when he see's me or my daughter he puts his front paws on the cage bars and stands up, if he does this in a c & c cage will it tip over?
No, the grids won't tip over as long as the grids are securely tied/connected to each other. Sometimes both of my cavies lean on the same grid and it still doesn't tip over.

Also, it's better if you have something, like coroplast or vinyl table cloth or shower curtains, lining the bottom half of the grids, especially if your guinea pig is small enough to get through the grids.
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