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Ramps Can I use plywood for a ramp?


Cavy Slave
Feb 22, 2012
I have some extra plywood sitting in the shed and i was wondering if i could use it to make a ramp if i cover it in fleece or carpet so they cant chew it.
I used an unwanted piece of board to make mine. I put hooks on one end of the board to attach it to the upstairs grids. This way it is removable while I'm cleaning the cage or if I ever want to change anything. I glued a strip of door mat to the top of mine to give it traction.
Chewing isn't the only problem with plywood -- it's that they'll pee on it and it will get very stinky. If you use any kind of wood, make sure it's waterproof and can be cleaned easily.
I got a small flat stone and put it so the bottom of the ramp rests on the stone instead of on the fleece. This keeps the wood from getting soaked since the GPs seem to like to hide and do their business under the ramp.
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