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C&C Can I use milk cartons as a stand?


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Cavy Gazer
Feb 14, 2020
Hello everyone, I'm kind of new here, although I've been lurking through the forms for the last month trying to get every bit of information I can before I get my two guinea pigs next month. I have a question I'm hoping you guys can help me with, I had originally planned on buying a pre made c&c cage, but I found I could make a bigger one myself for the same price as the premade one. I won't have the supplies to make it until the end of this month but I was using grid paper to draw up how I'd like the cage to look, I had originally planned on using grids to make a stand, but I realized with the design I had in mind I probably wouldn't have enough grids to make the stand, when an idea hit me, my husband works for our local supermarket and he's friends with the guy who runs the dairy department, so I started wondering if I could get milk cartons and secure them together with zip ties if that would work as a stand.
That's why I'm here, does anyone know if that would work as a stand? Has anyone used milk cartons for a stand before?
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I don't see why not -- milk cartons (crates) are pretty sturdy. Especially if you zip tie them really well. I'd put them with the open side down and not stack them more than one layer high (two tops, with the layers zip tied together), but it should work.

Creative. I like it. :cool:
The only thing that concerns me is that wire grids sitting on plastic milk cartons/crates could prove to be slippery. Anything human or animal inadvertently crashing into the cage could knock it to the floor and injure its occupants. After you have securely connected all the carton/crates together, I would then consider connecting the cage to the stand with zip ties as well. Use lots of the thicker 8" zip-ties and then cut the ends off to make it neat.

BTW, people often find grids at Goodwill or the Salvation Army.
Sadly I live in a small town, so there isn't a goodwill or salvation army, even the small thrift store we had closed, it was a real bummer. And I was definitely planning to do that, I would want to make it as secure as possible.
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