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Fleece Can I use micro fleece


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Nov 7, 2011
There is probably a post somewhere but I could not find it. Can micro fleece be used with Uhaul pads
Yes. Microfleece is fine. It's Microplush that doesn't work.
Thanks Lissie. So just to double check... I found a queen bed microfleece sheet set that will make ALOT of stuff for my pigs.

It is fairly thin so I just am not sure if it will be okay.

Can anyone else chime in in case Lissie is not on?
I've used a microfleece blanket and it works fine. Based on cloth diaper sites, microfleece is what they use for baby diapers for the inside layer. Same idea as we use for the pigs, top layer is the layer that wicks away the liquid.
I was a cloth diaperer until 2 years ago and the microfiber does not go against baby's skin because it can dry out the skin too much. Many people did not agree, tried microfiber towels as liners against baby and sure enough, they broke out terribly. I would suggest a cloth between the cavy and microfiber.
I not exactly sure what you are using it for, but if it doesn't touch their little feet you should be good.
Ok, I just read microFLEECE. On that I have no idea. Can I blame having the flu for my lack of reading skills? lol
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