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General can i use a ziploc container to feed hay?

Sl and S

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Cavy Slave
Feb 16, 2012
is it ok? my hay rack didnt work as planned
Are you talking about a ziploc bag? Heavens no, you can't use that! The pigs would eat more plastic than hay.

Put the hay in a brown paper bag, or in toilet paper or paper towel tubes. Or just pile it on the floor of the cage. You don't have to have a hay rack.
I not use a rack. I do have to change it in the morning as it's peed on and pooped on..
no like a storage container like a bowl
This only a guess but I would think they might chew that too..
but i use a plastic bowl for my vegies what do other people use to feed vegies??
I have a ceramic bowl because it is not easily tipped and they can't chew on it.
I feed mine on plain paper plates, no plastic coating on them. That way if they chew on them there's no problem.
isnt the litter pan made of plastic? alot of things are made for guinea pigs from plastic like igloos are those bad?
[GuineaPigCages.com] can i use a ziploc container to feed hay?[GuineaPigCages.com] can i use a ziploc container to feed hay? I used a bird feeder in her floor cage from Walmart it was two dollars and then just a plastic storage tray i had in her night cage.
i might have to go and get that bird feeder but for now i think ill either use my feeder trough or the plastic container. i used to use the trough for pellets until i figured out limitless pellets is bad.
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