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Can I unbaby proof my cage??


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May 23, 2011
I got my youngest guinea pig at a pet store (Yeah I know BAD) :) so anyways when my guinea pig was about 5 months old I miss calculated the months and unbaby proofed my cage. Sadly my baby got her head stuck and we had to get out the wire cutters to cut her out :(
Well anyways now i am scared to unbaby proof the cage but i think shes old enough
I got her August 30Th so about 8 weeks would leave her toward the beginning of July?
I have some cool ideas for there cage but I am to scared to unbaby proof the cage? Any thoughts
I think it's ok to unbaby proof it. She is about 8 months old, i am not sure, but I think that is a adult.
I would wait for a little longer just to be safe!!
I would love to see pigture of her.
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