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Bonding Can i introduce a new bonded pair too a resident guinea pig?


New Member
Cavy Gazer
Feb 28, 2022
Hello! I have had my bonded desexed male and female piggies for almost 2.5 years now, they are about 3 years old. Recently Penguin (Male) had gotten very sick and passed away. This has left Peaches (Female) on her own and i am thinking of adopting another guinea pig or 2 to keep her company. i was wondering if it was okay to adopt an already bonded pair and introduce them to Peaches (properly and responsibly of course). I always wanted to add a third member and even expanded the cage in preperation but Penguin got sick unexpectedly and i am left with one lonely piggy ): I was thinking of making a 2 female and 1 neutered male group. (Peaches is also desexed). would this dynamic work best? Is it advisable to get guinea pigs that are similar age to Peaches too?

Thankyou!! <3


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Cavy Slave
Aug 18, 2012
Age doesn't really matter when it comes to sow introductions, so new cage mates don't necessarily need to be similar in age to Peaches.

I have had good success with a 2 sows and 1 neutered boar trio (it was originally a 3 sow, 1 neutered boar quad but one girl has since passed). I have also introduced solo sows to a bonded pair of sows before on a few different occasions with success. The only introductions I have done with my neutered boar was combining him and sow cage mate together with another sow pair and that went extremely smoothly.


Cavy Slave
Mar 15, 2022
I have 3 piggy's.
I connected 2 Wild West cages, and they enjoy it
I put a few Heisey hits, and cordier hides, so they have their own space to lay about.
I also out 2 each food and water, 2 hay stations, so that they all can roam around.

Update on how it is going.