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Introductions Can I/How To Introduce one young male piggy to Two nearly two years old male piggys?


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Jun 13, 2010
Okay, well I have a big enough cage to add a third piggy.
How do I go introducing them?
I love my two boys so much but I was at my local pet store...yes I know you all say don't get them from a pet store but I don't know any rescues in auckland. And I was at my local pet store where everyone knows who I am:p and well on this coming weekend my time for taming little trixie for them is up and I will be giving her back to them and a big young adorable purple eyed male guinea pig caught my eye!!! His face is a dark chocolate colour then he is white with lite brown/ creamy colour around the bum!! HES SUPER CUTE! and well they are having trouble selling their male piggys and have six growing boys and I'm hoping to get him when I give them back Trixie, who has gotten much better at not biting and is not scared of people any more...a bit to confident with her walking all over me and my laptop!! Lol.

Any way what are some ways of introducing one male piggy to two nearly two old male piggys?


I will try and add a picture of my boys cage!
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First of all, you will nedd to quarantine the new pig in a separate room away from your current two.

After the three weeks is over and you are sure he's healthy, introduce all of them in a neutral area where none of the pigs have been to.

If they get along, move them into a thoroughly cleaned cage together.

See these links.
Guinea Pigs Social Life
Okay, Thanks I've done a quick look at the links and they seem to have some very good info so will sit down later and read them. Thanks for them! And I've manged to get some pictures of my boys cage. They aren't the worlds best pictures though.

[GuineaPigCages.com] Can I/How To Introduce one young male piggy to Two nearly two years old male piggys?[GuineaPigCages.com] Can I/How To Introduce one young male piggy to Two nearly two years old male piggys?[GuineaPigCages.com] Can I/How To Introduce one young male piggy to Two nearly two years old male piggys?[GuineaPigCages.com] Can I/How To Introduce one young male piggy to Two nearly two years old male piggys?[GuineaPigCages.com] Can I/How To Introduce one young male piggy to Two nearly two years old male piggys?
The big flat bit is around the size of a 4 x 3.5 and then long bit is about the size of 1.7 x 4.
Is that big enough to add a third male in peace?
Can someone please tell me if my cage is big enough? Because If it's not I will stop thinking about the pet shop boy but if it is I'll start planning, reading the links and getting everything ready. L
From your pictures your cage does look big enough for 3 males. You need about 13 sq feet or 2x5.
Just a question. Why did you have to give Trixie back? Couldnt you keep her? Did you just have her for taming?
Okay that's great thanks.
I don't think I could give her the best home possible as the cage I have for her is not quite big enough for a buddy for her, and I do just have her because I'm 'taming' her.
Hi your cage looks big enough to me! I was just wondering as to what you are using for the bottom? Also I see you got some grids! Where did you get yours??
Haha, thanks!! The bottom is pieces of wood or something like it that use to make up my bunk bed!! My new room isn't big enough to have the bed so mum was gonna throw out all of bits and pieces to make it up so grabbed some and ta da!
Hmm...Will have to think about it as I got them a couple of years ago but Will tell you as soon as I can remember!
does it clean up well?? Have you tried to make a coroflute bottom? Its easy to make and I think it is easy to clean the cage out but guess the wood works too!! I have found a grid set on Trade me and made a new c & c cage but really need another set to do what I want. So hard to get them here!! Cute cat!! :)
Haha, not sure yet as just made it on Sunday! I haven't found a nice big bit of coroflute to use as the bottom, but will see how hard the wood is to clean. Haha, its not the 6 wire Frame Storage cubes, is it? Thankies! I've..well my mum has two! The one in the pictures is Jessie, He stayed a night at the vets a week ago...next door neighbour's cat bit him and well operation for poor Jessie. He is all better now though!!
Poor Jessie.....thats why I keep our cat inside, too worried something will happen to him. His name is Leo and is white with black marks. Does he not worry your piggies to much? Mine tries to get to them but I have a lid for the cage! Yes I am looking for the wire storage cube sets. Before I just used something that was close to the cube set but I find the cubes at great to use for the cage. I only got one set and that was just enough for a 2 x 4 with a lid! I want to make a loft and use grids at the bottom for more storage but I haven't see any around since and they are too pricy to ship from the US. If you find any more please let me know!
Naw, smart! But Jessie unlike his borther barney is a outdoor cat who went crazy when he had to be kept inside when we moved to our new house. No, My cats know not to bother any of the pets no even the mice. They know not to touch animals that Have 'my smell' on them. They catch the wild mice but have never caught any of my mice when some tricky ones got out of their cage. Jessie loves to sleep next to Trixie's cage, and she only every comes out to play if hes near. Lol, she likes him better then she likes me. Hes gonna miss her. My cats are 11 years old, haha act like kittens. Jessie has gotten run over 3 times, his neck cut in half by his collar getting stuck which is why my cats don't wear collars any more. There is a lot on trademe but I had my eye on it... 6 Wire Frame Storage Cubes | Trade Me
Barney, Jessie's brother use to hop inside the guinea pigs cage at my old house and he would sleep on the top level and the pigs would go and cuddle up next to him. My poor cats don't like real meat, they play-kill with the birds but they don't like meat they just eat their dry cat food.
mmm bit to close for me.....I wouldn't trust my cat with them.....he has never hunted anything but still tries to get to the piggies.....thanks for the info. I see you are keen on the cube set. I will keep looking!! :)
Thanks! I hope you are able to find another cube set! Trademe seems like the best place!
Skylarnz could I see a picture of your piggys cage?
Sure I will try and add a photo..... not really sure how to do it yet lol!!
Lol, the little icons above the box where you type and to attach a picture click the 3rd to last one. (;
If your bottoms are wood, is there anything like a shower curtain or an absorbant over the wood? Is the litter on top of the wood.? The reason being, wood will absorb all of the urine and its oder. I will not clean well and will also trap bacteria. It can be very unhealthy.
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