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Pellets Can I feed my guinea pig rabbit pellets


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Jan 27, 2012
A bag of guinea pig food that lasts about a week and a half is the same price as a bag of rabbit food that would last about two months. The ingredients look the same so I was just wondering if it would be okay. If not what's the difference? The more money I save the faster I can get a c&c cage so I'm trying to find ways to save.
No, no, and no! More experienced members will likely be around soon to explain exactly why, but basically, rabbit pellets are not nutritionally complete for guinea pigs. Rabbits can make their own vitamin C. Guinea pigs cannot.
absolutely no!....alot of bunny pellets have meds in them that are absolutely no good for pigs!
Ditto the above. You cannot feed them rabbit pellets. Some rabbit pellets have antibiotics added that are harmful for guinea pigs. Guinea pigs need added vitamin C in their pellets.

How much pellets are you feeding your pigs? They don't need more than 1/8 - 1/4 cups per pig per day.
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Can you list the ingredients of the food you are thinking about feeding?
Agreed. How big is the bag of pellets that you are running out of them in just one week? And how much are you feeding at a time?
I do feed Oxbow rabbit pellets on occasion. Sometimes the store is out of Cavy Cuisine, but has the Oxbow bunny timothy pellet. Since I count on my pigs getting all their C from the veggies I give, it works out just fine. I would rather my pigs got high quality Oxbow rabbit pellets than lower quality guinea pig pellets of another brand.

Most rabbit food these days does not have antibiotics added.
Exactly the point I was going to make, FCC. You have to look at it on a case-by-case basis and a number of guinea pig and rabbit formulas are quite similar these days, so it's not necessarily accurate anymore to make a blanket statement that no, you just can't do it. It's important to analyze the ingredients of each individual brand and if they truly are the same or very similar, it might be okay IF (and only if) your guinea pigs are getting adequate Vitamin C from a well-rounded veggie diet. Assuming that's the case, then the pellets make up such a small portion of the diet that they could possibly be a high quality rabbit pellet IF there's no added antibiotic.

Something else that pellets provide is Vitamin D, but there's generally plenty of supplementation in good, quality rabbit pellets, too.
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