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Diet Can guinea pigs eat Quinoa?


Cavy Slave
Apr 23, 2012
Hey everybody,

Quick question about quinoa, is it guinea pig friendly? I had Ekeko out for some floor time the other night and I had set my dinner plate on the floor prior to getting her out of her cage, within seconds of being on the floor she had scuttled over and began tucking into the leftover quinoa. As there was some soy sauce on the food I immediately took the plate away and had to listen to indignant squeaking for about 5 minutes!

She enjoyed it defiantly and I imagine that it is a food guinea pigs would come into contact with in their South American home but I cant find anything on google about whether its okay or not.

She has a million other things in her diet, but it was the fact she seemed to really like it that makes me curious.

Appreciate any insights you might have!
You set your dinner plate on the floor? That's kind of gross, Lol. :p

Quinoa is a seed, and generally seeds are no good for their diet. I'm not sure about quinoa specifically. It does contain decent amounts of phosphorus last time I checked, which I'm thinking isn't good. I think it's just best to stick to the safe veggie/forage list on the nutrition section. There's plenty of variety on there for your pig to enjoy. I don't think this one time event will be detrimental,though.
They will eat things that aren't officially on their diets, including things that aren't good for them. While I doubt that the quinoa will hurt her that one time, I wouldn't put my plate on the floor again!
It was an empty plate that only had a little bit of food on it, i had already finished and had only set it on the floor whilst i got her out of the cage for my boyfriend to hold while i went to the kitchen to clear up. I'm not in the habit of leaving used dishes on the floor i promise! =p

Thanks for your responses though, i'll probally steer clear of giving her any more.
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