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Can guinea pigs eat cardboard?

Pretty Piggies

Well-known Member
Cavy Slave
Sep 13, 2011
Just wondering because I have an exellent potential tunnel.
Yes, guinea pigs eat cardboard! In fact, one of my piggies favorite treat is a toilet paper roll stuffed with timothy hay!
My pigs used to love to nibble on boxes...
Twix even ate a portion of my homework once!
ikr if Donnie has paper or a book within 6 feet (length of the couch) it's fair game. and yes they love cardboard
Great, thought so, just wanted to make sure. :)
Does anyone know how much cardboard or newspaper is safe for them to eat? My Diesel would probably eat it all day long, i know that's bad!!, but maybe if i left it for a few he would eat some and leave it alone, i get nervous and take it away too soon maybe?? He also eats the newspaper bedding, but maybe not so bad because there's not as much, i'm not sure.
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