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Chewing Can guinea pigs chew on loofah?


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Nov 10, 2011
I've seen loofah toys online, but I rarely see them on pet stores nor have I seen pigs with loofahs. I thought about getting my piggies one those fruity veggie kebab, but it's marketed for parrots. The kebab is pretty much like the ones for guinea pigs, the only difference is that it comes with parrot toys. I thought about taking away the tugging toy, rawhide bone, and beads, and just leave them with the fiddle sticks and loofah. Is the loofah safe for them?
When you said loofah, I thought you were talking about one of those plastic shower scrubby things :D Based on the wikipedia entry, I would be surprised if it wasn't safe for guinea pigs.
That's what I thought too! That's why I was being skeptical about it being a chew toy :D
No clue about whether loofah is safe.
I've seen loofah bits in wood bowls for guinea pigs and wondered what that was all about. I've also seen larger loofah pieces lately at my pet store marketed at small animals for "teeth health."
I'll think I'm just going to stick with hay blocks and the apple sticks as chew toys.
The loofah just makes be think a small pointy bit could get lodged somewhere it shouldn't.....
True... Better to be safe than sorry :D
Thanks guys!
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