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Coughing Can guinea pigs be allergic to certain types of hay?

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Feb 13, 2012
Hey guys, I just took my guinea pig to the vet a week ago for a check up at an exotics vet where they said he was fine. Four days ago I got him some oxbow orchard grass hay that my old piggie loved. He loves he too but I noticed he coughed once or twice. It's about 80 degrees where I live and his cage has no drafts, so I did an experiment. I took out the hay and I haven't heard him cough for two days. I put some more hay in today and when he was near it, he would cough every once in a while. Other wise no other symptoms. Could he be allergic to the hay dust? If so should I completely throw it out, or is him coughing every once in a while not so bad. He's not coughing in fits, it's just a small cough once or twice in an hour.
Also my place is always at a cool 72 degrees. I don't handle heat very well, if that matters.
It would be very unusual for a pig to be allergic to hay. Some hay can be more dusty than others, though, and perhaps it's the dust.
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