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Bedding can anyone help?


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Jun 12, 2012
i currently have a 2x4 c&c cage and i want to switch to fleece. i will be building a 1x2 loft and also a 2x3 c&c cage as well so i can get prince out of the pet store cage. does anyone know how much i need for the loft and both cages?

i already ordered the rest of the parts for the loft and a 2x3 c&c cage. very excited to have my prince in his own c&c cage by next week at the latest
i have a two by four and just got fleece from joanne's fabric that was five feet by six feet and am very happy with the length. i use scraps of fleece for the top so i don't know.
ok thank you
ok thank you

A lot of places sell by the yard. (JoAnn's, etc..)

I would say for everything get 3 yards of Fleece. For a 2x4 1 yard will suffice with leftovers. But I don't know if the leftovers would be enough for the 2x3 and a loft. So I would get 3 yards. You will have leftovers, but I don't think that if you got 1 or 2 yards it would be enough.

Better to have more than not enough!

Good luck!
If you do choose JoAnne's, they have a fleece blanket making kit on sale now (at least they were on Saturday) for around 17 dollars that has 2 five feet by six feet fleeces, one in a print and on in a solid.
i also want the fleece to go up and over the sides... so i figured to get 5ftx7ft for the 2x4 cage, 5ftx5ft for the 2x3, and 5ftx3ft for the loft
thank you henea guinea
If you want the fleece to go over the sides I really don't know....... Sorry!
im just going to get 4 yards of it for the 2x4 just in case. and 3 yards for the 2x3
What type of fleece is better to use, Anti-pill or the Blizzard fleece? And I'm going to building a wooden cage for my piggies and was wondering if it's ok that i put a clear colored stain on the wood so their urine wont damage the wood?
Didn't you have a different thread on this topic? Or I'm I reading things twice :-/
I had the staining thing in a different post yesterday but I had no responses so I thought maybe I had it in the wrong place. And I wrote about fleece before about switching but not about what type was better to use
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