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Can a line a cage with vinyl?


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Nov 5, 2011
Two of my guinea pigs are getting a new cage and I was wondering if I can line the cage with vinyl. I'd have some cloth in there (like old clothes) to keep them warm and to burrow in. And I'd spot clean it every day.
You can line the cage with vinyl. Just be sure to seal any seams well so the urine doesn't leak out.

Old clothes aren't very good burrowing material. They just get wet, and then the pig is sitting in urine. That can lead to urine scald, bumblefoot, or a urinary tract infection.

They need something that will wick the urine away from the surface. Fleece does that very well, but some people (like me) don't like the other issues that go along with fleece. So I just use small fleece pads around the cage for them to nap on. You can put cozies in there for them to get into, but not all pigs will use them. They're not really burrowing animals.

You don't usually have to worry about warmth unless you're keeping them outside (not recommended) or you've got skinny pigs. They've got enough hair to do the job.
I'm keeping them in the patio at night which is half closed in, but not all. I might look into getting some pads or cozy cups/sacks. But since it's getting to hot weather now, I shouldn't need them for a while. Can I use hay for under the igloo?
No, hay isn't a good bedding. It doesn't absorb any urine, and the pigs wind up sitting and sleeping in puddles of pee. That can cause urine scald, urinary tract infections, and bumblefoot.

You need something that absorbs the moisture and leaves the pigs a fairly dry surface to live on. Kiln-dried wood shavings will work (not cedar, though), or recycled newspaper kitty litter, or wood pellets that are used for stoves or for horse bedding. If you get the stove kind, be sure it doesn't have any accelerants. But you may have the same problem I do -- the pellets are only available in the winter, and if you're coming up on summer, then they may be hard to find.
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