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Cage placement - more activity or no draft?


Cavy Slave
Dec 4, 2004
I have a dilemma, currently we have Chip & Oliver in the dining room which has little to no draft, has a consistant temperature and does get some traffic (it's just my husband and myself). We do make sure to go in and visit them and they do get lots of lap and floor time. I feel guilty about not having them in the living room (where we spend most of our at-home-awake time), but the living room is so drafty and is often fairly cool in the winter (much more so than the dining room).

Do you think it's okay for the boys to stay in the dining room?

For their health, I would keep them in the dining room. Like you said, you do spend some time in there.

I love your piggies names and welcome to the forums =)
Personally i would keep them in the livingroom. I think a lil draft is better than no attention.
dagwell, the pigs DO get attention and they get plenty of lap time.
Im sorry I just dont agree with you to bad for you Im not changing my statement Id keep them in the livingroom.
PLEASE use full stops and commers. Too bad for you, because if you carry on with your bad grammar you'll be banned.

Chip n' Olivor, how much time do you actually spend in the dining room? Maybe you could move them to the living room, but put a large towel on the cage so keep them warm. Is the cage on the floor? If so, put it on a table. (I can't remember what I read, but I think it was drafts sink??)
I wouldnt put them in the living room and cover the cages. Its kinda too dark. I think the dinning room is the best bet. And Dagwell I agree with piglet cause of your bad grammar and so.
Thats what I was thinking, could be too dark! I'll stick with my first answer --> keep the piggers in the dining room
Since we moved the cage into the dining room (since it has gotten cold) we spend more time in the dining room than before. The cage is on the table (so we don't have room to eat at the table) but everytime we walk through the dining room (which we have to to get almost anywhere in the house) we stop and talk to the pigs. I don't really know how much time we spend in there, but certainly not as much as in the living room. Lately I have been making more of an effort to spend time in there with them, but I am more prone to taking them out for lap time. the dining room and living room are right next to eachother with only an archway separating the two so they can always hear us.

When the weather warms up we will move the cage into the living room, but for the winter I am afraid that they will get way too cold.
good choice. that is what i would do too.
How about draft-proofing your living room so it's more comfortable for pigs and people?
It doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. If a draft is coming in around a door frame, for instance, that can be fixed. Or if it's from the fireplace, you can do something about that too. Or maybe there's not enough insulation in the walls. Just a thought.
yeah i would just keep them out of the drafty room. thats more important to their health.
We are renting the house we live in and so there is only so much draft-proofing we can do. We do put stuff on the windows and something at the bottom of the door, but there still seems to be a draft. I think the walls need better insulation, but I can't do anything about that. Also, there is only one heating vent for the living room which is right next to the door, so it's not the most effective way to heat the room!

Thanks for all the responses!
Maybe your landlord would be willing to let you draft-proof if you asked him/her and they might be happier, because they would get work done on their property for free. Just a thought, but I think it would work really well.
Stick with the dining room, especially as it's getting colder. Dagwell, a draft will cause a URI--that's extremely serious.
I also agree with keeping them in the dining room. We are also renting a very old house that is drafty, and even though we put the stuff on the windows the living room is still the coldest in the house. We are keeping our two new girls in the dining room too.
Hey - I can sympathize with your problem. We have a two story house that's impossible to achieve a good temperature in. It's always broiling upstairs and cold downstairs. Our windows are drafty also. Our animals stay downstairs because the heat upstairs is enough to cause a heat stroke (it's a real problem). So, the animal cages are away from the windows, and we have towels surrounding the bottoms of the windows, where the drafts originate from. Another problem we have is that we don't have any flooring at the moment - just cement - which makes it colder down here. So I bought some old, fairly large carpet squares and scattered them around down here for the pigs out of cage time. It seems to be working, but I'll be glad to a) get a floor and b) get a one-story house. :) Good luck to you.
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