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Fleece cage ideas?


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Nov 10, 2011
my guinea are currently in cages, and even since reading up i never knew about c&c cages and such, i have 3 boys but 2 are in one cage and one is in another i am thinking about testing an idea out after christmas when i have money.
i have a large table in my back room i was thinking about buy the c&c cage side things (sorry i cant think of what there called) then use a shower curtain on the bottom then fleece on top of that?
will it be comfy for them if i use enough fleece?
thanks :)
Yes, that would work if you had a shower curtain under the grid walls. The only thing with not having coroplast walls is that poops and hay may get kicked out of the sides. You could always find a way to clip the shower curtain and fleece up the sides to make a wall. You will need to have something under the fleece, though, to absorb the moisture. You can use towels, mattress pads, puppy pads, etc.
I have 2 males and just switched to fleece today! I have a 2x4 C&C cage with coroplast bottom and then used puppy training pads and then fleece ontop. I am sure that will be comfy enough but just be sure to layer something between the shower curtain and fleece, liike towels, puppy pads, something to soak up the urine. :)
By "side things do you mean coroplast or grids? You don't need a shower curtain if you have coroplast, it's waterproof.
grids....i dont no how much coroplast is were i live
I bought a huge sheet of vinyl from Home Depot for about 22 dollars and you can cut it and take a lighter and barely heat up the corners to tack it together and use a tad bit of cauking for the holes it's easy to clean and can make it any size and can get the wire shelfing to make an enclosed cage or just a barrier

I couldn't find coroplast! I resorted to this and is amazing
I agree with ellisa you should try and have something around the sides so you piggies don't kick any droppings or hay out. Before I used piggy bedspreads I used puppy pads under my fleece and they work great for absorbancy. I also reccomend pooch pads which are washable puppy pads and work pretty well too. I didn't find them to be as absorbant as the disposable ones though so you may have to change them a bit more often, they do save money though because you don't have to buy them all the time.
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