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New Zealand C&C Cage Materials NZ???


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Apr 12, 2012
I really want to make a c&c cage, because I think all the hutches/cages in the pet stores are way too small!! The coroplast/corflute was easy to find, because there's heaps on TradeMe, but I can't seem to find the grids anywhere! There are some online but the shipping costs are ridiculously high! Does anyone know of any shop/company in NZ or another country that ships to NZ for a decent price that sells these grids, or something similar?? Would Bunnings or the Warehouse Stationery sell them? Please help! Any answers would be greatly appreciated!! :)
Have you tried going to local home improvement stores that sell wire shelving that they cut to size for you? Shelving might be cheaper than grids and you can have them cut it down to the exact size you want. There are examples in the photo section if you look through it.
I couldnt find C&C materials here either, so I used an outdoor run for rabbits and guinea pigs, and a shower curtain base, works perfectly
Thanks :)
Our home improvement store is Bunnings, so I might go look there :) If I can't find anything, the rabbit run is a good idea.
Same problem here. I've tried bunnings, mitre10, storage box, the warehouse, bed bath and talble, numerous $2 shops... nothing. I found one on trade me, but someone beat me to it. haha

So what I'm using now is a store bought cage, it's about 4ftx3ftx4ft. I've just added multiple levels to create more space to run around.
Thanks for all the replies :)
I've done some thinking and I reckon this could work:
I get 2 of these book shelves: (broken link removed) and stack them on top of each other horizontally, and take out the shelf parts.
Then, on the bottom one, I expand it out with coroplast so it becomes much deeper and make a ramp up to the next shelf. Then I'd get some chicken wire to "fence it off" if you get what I mean? Would this work?? Thanks so much for all the ideas! :) It's really a pity that there aren't any grids in NZ :sad:
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