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Photos C&C and super cuteness!


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Dec 29, 2011
Hey! So I made my C&C cage! It was hard trying to do it alone, yeesh. So I called a friend over and he helped me!
Little advice, what else should I put in it? Or is it okay as it is with a shelter box, a log, and a cozy for both of them?

First, here's them cuddling!
C&C and super cuteness!

And here's my new cage! They're kind of hiding right now, but I hope they like it :S
C&C and super cuteness!C&C and super cuteness!
Good job!
And cute piggies
Very nice! I would put a grid wall along the inside of the loft, though. Your piggies may decide they want to learn how to fly, or one may shove the other over accidentally (or maybe not so accidentally).

Very cute pic of them cuddling!
Is that a heat register next to the cage? i'd just be sure that it doesn't get too hot for them. If you don't have a dog that you're concerned about getting into the cage, I'd consider putting it lower or on the floor if it gets too warm there. You did a really nice job on the cage, though
Yeah I was considering putting another grid up there... I probably will.

And yeah, it's the heat, but I've been monitoring it for days and it doesn't get too warm. I thought about that too, but it's literally the only place in my whole apartment that it would fit. I also have a cat so I can't keep it on the floor.
Your cat doesn't try to jump in the cage? My single story cage is off the floor but I put a top on it anyways(my cats like laying on top of the cage) just to be on the safe side. I used to keep gerbils in a huge tank (on a stand) and a couple times I would walk in to find a cat sitting in the tank trying to figure out how to get out, or how they got in. No worries, the gerbils had plenty of places to hide from "playful" paws.
Haha no she doesn't. I know she would if it were on the floor! I mean, I don't think she'd do anything to them even if she got in as she's 16 and doesn't care about them lol. But I don't really want to take that chance.
Yeah, mine don't seem to care about them either but seeing as they like to lay on the lid...I'd say the lid was a good choice. If you were to lower the cage, you could always get some wire shelving from lowe's and used that to make a lid. That's what I did, and it's sturdy enough to hold a 10 gal tank and stuff on the non-opening side and a cat or two on the opening side. Of course I used a bunch of heavy duty cable ties to secure the non-opening side and make the "hinge" so that might have something to do with the sturdiness.
I threw some old, clean socks in there and a stuffed animal... Anything else I should put in?
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