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Canada Buying hay from a local farm


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Aug 19, 2014
So I recently bought a bale of hay from a local farm. It isn't super green. Smells fine to me. But I am wondering if they can get parasites from this local hay? I usually always go with oxbow but trying to cut down on costs and I can't find a good place online that will ship to my area (Alberta Canada) that is cheap and has bigger quantities.🤔
Buying hay from a local farm

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They can get parasites from Oxbow just as well as they can from local hay. Oxbow buys from farmers all over the place, and hay is hay is hay. Same bugs in all the fields. But it's rare for a pig to get parasites from hay anyway. They've already got mites, and they're unlikely to get lice from hay.
Ok! Makes me feel better. This hay is not super green. It is more on the brown/dull side. Doesn't seem to look or smell moldy tho.

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Can a change in quality of hay bother their digestive system? My girl is having more soft stool today. She is off veggies for a couple weeks. Hee stool has been tested and clear. But since eating this hay her stool is softer... I mixed her old stuff with if for now

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