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Play Bummed Out for My Pigs


Cavy Slave
Dec 24, 2011
Hey guys, long story short, purchases 2 "female" guinea pigs, one turned out to be male(I know better now !) Had 3 babies, decided to keep all of them, we now have 2 boys in a cage, and 3 girls. I've been extrememly busy(busier than a normal 18 year old) and I feel like I'm not giving enough time for all of them. Don't get me wrong, I feed them properly, give them veggies and water, clean their cages and buy them new stuff all the time. I feel bad however that they aren't having "fun", to help live a healthier lifestyle. It seems like running in the pen doesn't cut it anymore, plus the boys like to annoy each when they have free space. Is there anything I can do to get out of this funk, and theirs too ! I've attached two photos of the cage, the green is the girls, blue is the boys


DSCN0934.jpg DSCN0933.jpg
Well, first, you may want to switch to fleece, I've heard pigs like it more, and it's less costly then bedding, I use half and half in my cage. Also, I would take out the snack shacks, they are just plain bad for pigs. Also, where's the hay, I don't know if I'm just missing it or what, but I don't see any in the cages. They should have unlimited grass hay, mainly Oxbow brand and KMS brand are recommended

You can spice up their lives, by bigger cages (Bigger is always better!) And by also switching out toys any such. I have tons of different hiddys, bell toys, tunnels, cuddle cups, stuffed toys (Make sure they don't have any hard parts, or are beanies, if they chew them take them out) Grass balls, bell balls, wooden chews, etc, and what I do is each week when I clean the cage I rearrange things a ton, so they have something new to explore, and I also switch out the toys, hiddys, ect, so it's like a whole new cage.

I also love to give my pigs hay piles instead of hay racks, one because it hurts there backs and such less, and two because they are also a great play toy, they love to lay in the hay, and run through it like a tunnel, great fun to watch also! :D

Floor time is also a good way for them to have more fun, just zip tie together a bunch of grids to make a huge play pen, put some fleece and towels down, some toys, hay, veggies, ect and watch them run around and play.
Well they literally just ate all of the hay lol, and I gave them kale after I took the picture. Don't worry ! Also, why are the snack shak whatever it is lol, why is it bad for them ? The cages seem to be big enough, ibought both of them suiting 4-5 guinea pigs. Thanks for your input !!!
Snack shakes are basically just sugar, which can cause lots of problems for them. Yes your cage is big enough, you just said you wanted to spice up your pigs lives, and a cage can never be too big, so it wouldn't hurt to give them more room to run, do laps, pop corn, play, and explore.
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