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Rabbits Building rabbit c and c cage questions


Cavy Slave
Nov 26, 2011
Hey! So I am planning out my rabbit's c and c cage which will be 2x4 and 3 grids high with a top. I was planning on using coroplast and then putting stick on vinyl tiles. My rabbit :yuck:hates:mad: bedding on his cage bottom. Would you guys think that will be good if I use the stick on vinyl tiles. I see a lot of people use them when building with wood. I was thinking of making a 1x2 or 2x2 shelf/2nd level in the cage and I was wondering how to make this more stable since my bunny likes to jump and thump a lot. Wellllll.... that's pretty much it. If you have any advice I'd love to hear it. :love:Thank You:love:
Try using fleece for the bedding. Many people use it and love it. I have fleece for my pigs' cage. I like it way more than bedding. :) See if your bunny likes fleece. I would think vinyl tiles could cause foot problems, as they are hard, correct?
In the rabbits section of the forum find the topic "mini Rex cage help" I posted a great video on building a rabbit grid condo there. (normally I would share the link but I'm on my iPhone and it doesn't always work well)

From personal experience I would go with wood floors covered in sticky tiles. Rabbits are heavier and stronger that guinea pigs they need that extra support on the second level. I used 3/4 inch plywood and it never bowed.if your rabbit is well litter trained then I would not worry about bedding except in the litter box. Use wood pellets or yesterday's news to prevent scatter. I gave my bunnies soft things to lay on like kitchen rugs, towels and cat beds. They were always fine with that.
I would LOVE to use fleece but like bedding my bunny would rip it up and throw it around. He loves to throw anything. He constantly rearranges his cage throughout the night. =/
thanks! I will check that out right now! Yes, my bunny is very well litter trained he came that way when I got him from his previous owner which was amazing hahaha.
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