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Infection Buddy diagnosed with pneumonia


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Oct 21, 2009
Buddy went to the vet today. We saw some weight loss, difficulty breathing, lethargy and inability to eat -- not even blueberries.

Vet decided on pneumonia. Antibiotics, giving water by syringe and nebulizer treatment are the stipulated treatments.

Hope the little guy gets better soon!
So do we! Keep us posted on how he's doing.

Since you're giving him antibiotics, watch him carefully to make sure he's eating. You may have to handfeed him, and probiotics (Benebac, acidophilus, or poop soup) would help.
I'm REALLY hoping he makes a full recovery! My heart goes out to you and Buddy. :(
I would weigh him daily to make sure he's eating enough. Are you handfeeding?
Buddy is a bit better this morning.

Yes, hand-feeding Critical Care and water -- as a positive sign, Buddy is now eating his hay, although he needed a hand up to get in the kitchen.

Moved Buddy to the main level along with the kibble and the water bottle -- no need to climb ramps!
Buddy is doing much better -- eating hay, kibble and veggies -- drinking water -- using the ramps!

It is astonishing how fast Buddy lost weight. Buddy is still down 100 grams as of this morning.
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