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General BTW- just switched from carefresh to fleece! Suggestions?


Cavy Slave
May 13, 2012
I didn't hate the carefresh, it was just getting really expensive to maintain. I lost my job a couple weeks ago, so I was looking into less expensive alternatives and I decided to try the fleece instead of some other bedding type!

I lined the cage with a towel and then put the layer of fleece over it- it's a little lumpy in some spots but hopefully it'll be okay? I only washed/dryed the fleece 2 times instead of 3 (it's pretty late over here and I don't want to be doing laundry and waking up all my neighbors). I'm really hoping my pig will adjust nicely :) (He really is not the biggest fan of change so I'm a little nervous!!)

Does anyone have any tips?!I know there's a section about this topic because I read it earlier- Just can't find it right now!
I think he'll love it; I know I do. I think the fleece feels soft on their feet. Lumpy is OK. With 1 layer of towel underneath, check daily to make sure it's not wet. Washing and drying 3 times is recommended to strip the fleece of any protectant on it and to make it wick moisture away. It also makes it shrink in the dryer as much as it's going to shrink, so if you sew liners they will continue to fit properly. Just make sure the fleece is wicking the moisture away-water should sink right through, not puddle on top. I was amazed at how well the fleece washed up. It was so trashed looking when I changed it; I took it to the laundromat, and it looked brand new when it was done. Good luck!
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