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Bonding brought home #4 today...


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Nov 12, 2011
So, out of the blue, decided to add another to our herd...so, we got Pebbles and Nibbles in June @ 10 weeks old, then added Molly in October and now, drum roll...we have Fifi! No pics as yet...she's in the old cage we had for Pebbles and Nibbles before they outgrew it for the week quarantine, will be changing current cage or ordering a new C&C to accomadate the new addition...crossing fingers they can bond well...had a table but won't be big enough so am thinking of putting them on the floor, gives them more room with a bigger cage and since we use fleece bedding, would be easier to clean, no? Guess we'll see how it goes...:)
Yay! Guinea pigs are addictive aren't they? Show pictures as soon as you can!
brought home #4 today...

here she is...Fifi! 10 weeks old
Super cute new piggy!!! Congrats
She's adorable! Keep us updated!
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What a cute little face!! =D
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