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Teeth Broken(?) off tooth hanging from gums?


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Cavy Gazer
Sep 7, 2022
My guinea pig broke his tooth off yesterday after an incident and I made sure he was alright and notice his tooth was cracked. Today I went to make sure he was doing ok and I noticed that his tooth what basically hanging from the gums where his other tooth is and I wanted to know if it would be alright to pull the tooth off or if I should just wait to see if it falls out on its own ir even heals? I’m very worried about him swallowing it because thankfully he is eating fine and drinking fine. Thanks!


E7C5DFD4-61C7-4178-8935-C1FF7218E086.jpeg AE663CED-AC0E-4A14-BE3D-6ACA355ED108.jpeg
Pull on it gently and see if it comes out.

Guinea pig teeth grow all the time, so it should grow back out again. However, depending on how well his teeth meet, the other tooth may grow too long and need to be clipped. If you do that, be sure to take him to an exotic vet. Most vets will cut GP teeth too short, and then they can't pick up their food to eat. You then have to feed them, and that's a big hassle.
One of my adopted boys had a broken tooth in the same area. We already had a vet visit scheduled, so the vet removed it and told us to just watch to make sure it grows back. He came like that from the shelter tho, so we don't know what caused it.
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