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Injury Broken leg

Minor update
Gaffer is getting very restless in isolation.
He’s sleeping on my lap right now.
I’m giving serious thought to putting him back in the big cage.

He’s been wandering around… his limp is noticeably improved, though he is definitely still favouring his broken leg.
He’s been climbing up against the bars of his isolation cage to demand attention.

The biggest thing right now is how much he absolutely seems to hate isolation.

Asking advice…. Should I put him back with 8bit?
It's only been roughly three weeks? I know he's feeling better but personally, I'd wait at least another 1-2 weeks. It's not worth the risk having him re-break it in my opinion.
With permission from the vet, Gaffer is back in the big cage.

He was starting to get really twitchy and visibly unhappy. He was chewing on the bars and putting pressure on his leg trying to climb out. Both boys have been extremely vocal this past week, screaming to me and each other and making their misery known.
So I put the boys together and 8bit immediately crawled under Gaffer as he has done since they were babies (which is kinda weird because 8bit is 2 weeks older).

I had switched out the cage to a mainly solid plastic c&c (left two grid windows for food and water and air circulation), so as long as the boys weren’t too hyper with each other, it seemed like the safer option at this point.

They are both much happier now.

Gaffers leg is doing much better. He’s favouring it a little bit, but walking almost normally.
We have a follow-up X-ray in a month to make sure it fully healed.

I took their Christmas picture this morning after cage cleaning.


IMG_5523.jpeg IMG_5511.jpeg IMG_5509.jpeg
So nice to see them happy together........although I have to say, seeing 8bit hurts my heart a lot. He looks sooooo much like Simon.........


So nice to see them happy together........although I have to say, seeing 8bit hurts my heart a lot. He looks sooooo much like Simon.........
I noticed that you are from the same province as me.
I wonder if they are related.
I got my boys from a very reputable show breeder near the Niagara region.
She is the only Lunkarya breeder I know of in the area.
I'm going to guess she's the one in Jordan? If so......she is the one who dumped Simon on Kijiji when he refused to stud for her any more. Her words....she thought he turned gay.

She also bathed him right before I picked him up, and gave him a faceful of water in the process. It took us 7 months to get rid of the resulting sinus infection and left him prone to infections for the rest of his life.

Depending on 8bits age, Simon could very well be his father.

Edit: I checked back in some of your posts, and I discovered that 8bit was born around April 2021. That rules out Simon being his father, but could very well be his grandfather. Simon was born in March of 2019, and came to live with me in May of 2020.
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8bit was born February 27, 2021.

(Gaffer was born 2 weeks later).

I am so disappointed. I was going to recommend her to a friend considering guinea pigs. It was nice knowing the health history and exact ages of my boys.
She is still breeding, and I am saddened to see that she is also breeding satins.
Last update.
Gaffer is fully healed.
He has been fully healed for a little while.
Follow-up X-rays were not needed to confirm good healing. I’m glad, as that’s an extra few hundred I’d rather not spend (don’t get me wrong, I would if I had to, I’d just prefer not to)
Running around with a limp and doing happy pops during floor time and treat time are a great indication. Plus, there are no complaints when his leg is touched or manipulated.

Both boys are in their new cube grid cage. It’s a combo of translucent walls and grids.
They have a new hay kitchen, too, which both have decided is for sleeping in.

Both boys had a bath today. Both are really mad at me about it.
Gaffer had quite a lot of sticky buildup on his grease gland. He did NOT appreciate me cleaning it off. 8bit needed a bottom shave for the same reason. He was equally displeased with me.
Thanks for the update! So glad Gaffer is healed, the boys are clean, and their attitudes are intact!

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