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Veg*n British website


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Apr 10, 2004
At school we were just chatting. Somebody goes to me 'Oh it's ok. We live in England so all the animals are killed in a nice way'. Oh no, ignorance is bliss. I found a british website (broken link removed)

It's really good, has some fantastic writing about protein, reasons to be vegetarian/vegan and loads more.
ok, remind me to never click on a link you tell me to i feal very sick and now have stopped drinking milk, and am fealing bad about butter.
Sorry - I know that it's a very graphic website but it tells the truth. Those pictures don't lie and they are the only way to prove the cruelty thats taking place right here in the UK. That's the website that helped be become a veggie. I was finding it hard, but every now and again I took a look at those pics and I knew I couldn't continue to eat meat.
I'm shaking, if that tells you anything . . .
That was about the most gruesome site I have ever seen. This makes me glad that I do not support big industries like that. I'll stick to my little local farmer, where I know that this is not happening. I know its still meat, but their not treated like that. Those people should be crammed into a room, kicked, pocked, burned, and so on and see how they like it. How the people in the pictures could be doing that stuff is beyond comprehension.
piglet i showed that website to my family and now 3 of us are vegitarians. yay.
Really! Thats is brilliant =)

I showed 3 of my friends - believe it or not it didn't affect them at all. They seem to think that the meat they get is from animals that are treated better? so naive... I think that they are just trying to convince themselves that eating meat is cruel.
well yesterday my mum tried to force feed me meet and i showed her the site again and she said, 'who cares it still tastes good' so i said hoow would you like it if that happend to you and she said shut up and get lost.
Oh no! That is the same with people at school. Some don't care that the animals are treated in this way - they just say 'I can never give it up, it's so tasty'. Just ignore your mum. At long as you stay strong, then that's fine. I've had to put up with so much crap, but it's nearly been 8 months and I'm still a vegetarian!
Oops, I just read your other post in my thread 'Help'. It says you've been a vegetarian for nearly 3 years! Good on you
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yes they all turned agaisnt me lol. yes i cook all my own meals my mum says if i dont eat what she cooks i have to cook for myself. but i dont mind my mum was never a good cook anyway, i do most of the cooking in the house anyway and its all vegetarian. plus sorry for my spelling on my posts i keep switching from meat to meet.
Doesn't worry about the spelling, I understood what you were trying to say!

That's amazing. How old are you? My mums not that harsh... she cooks indian food everyday for herself and my dad. Then I have the choice to eat that or make my own.
i am 14, 15 in june
That is so good - that you've been cooking for yourself since 11/12.
sine the age of 9 actually my granny used to sit me on a chair in the kitchen saying i need to find a husband and i need to know how to cook, and if my granny says it everybody listens.
I'm in the same boat as you. In Indian culture, the girl must now how to cook if she ever wants to get married. It's a load of bull s*** but I've still had to learn because of my mum.
yes but i just put up with it because my granny is realy old and she was brought up in the way in which she thinks she is right.
That's really sweet of you - I know people at school that havn't even cooked a meal in their life.
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