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Bringing my piggie indoors?


Cavy Slave
Jun 19, 2005
I try to bring my guinea pig indoors for a cuddle and some fuss every other night, but over the last two times he's been inside, he has 'peed' on me/his blanket!

Is this just first time nerves, or should I not be bringing him indoors so much?

I've only had him for one week, and he's only 7 weeks old.

Any tips would be great!

Thanks! :)
It is probably nerves. He is very young, and it takes a while for them to realise that "pee on human, not good!". If you keep them out their cage too long, too, that will also happen. It is important at this stage to handle him as much as possible. Does he live outdoors all year round?
yes he does live outdoors. he doesnt stay in for long periods of time really. i'm trying to keep handling him as much as possible, but he always seems a bit scared, and as soon as he 'does his do' he has to go back to his cage as there's nothing else for him to sit on!

so he's sort of learning that if he wees on me, he gets to go back to his cage because im desperately trying to clean up - wrong message to give him really! is there anyway of stopping this? just lots of handling? i do try hard to give him lots of love! im worried this will become a habbit and he will keep getting his own way!
Lots and lots of handling will stop it. Just in case you weren't too sure, this forum does not condone keeping guinea pigs outdoors. I will tell you the reasons why I am against it.

I used to keep my guinea pigs outside or in the (unheated) extension to the house that was built for doing laundry but we never quite got round to moving the washing machine and dryer there. I (or my parents) never knew better, it was about 10 years ago. Even in the winter I would bring my piggy indoors for varying periods of time. My younger male, Bobby, fell ill at the age of 2 with serious pneumonia, brought on (so the vet thought) by the temperature fluctuations. I hand fed him and he was treated with fluids, antibiotics and probiotics for about a week before he eventually passed away. His death was completely preventable had I known.

So, I think, you have a couple of choices. Move your piggy indoors permenantly, or decide to go outside to handle him when you want to. Obviously, the first option is far far easier, and is preferable to the latter. You will get to spend so much more time with him if he lived indoors, and he will be so much "happier" for it. Just thought you should know.
Peeing on you shouldn't stop you from giving your piggy cuddle time. Put a towel under him on your lap and if he pees, he pees, no big deal. Spending time with your piggy is very important especially in the beginning. That's how you bond with your piggy. One of my piggies still pee on my towel on my lap. I just fold that wet part of the towel away from her but she continues to sit on my lap.
If you're piggy is indoors (especially in a family room) it'll tame MUCH quicker. Because when you walk past you get pet him, you'll be able to get to him more easily so give him attention and being around humans gets piggies used to them so their not so scared.

I'd consider having him indoors all the time, in a c+c cage. Especially since you're in britian (like moi) and in winter it can get chilly. Also he's on his own...he NEEDs a mate to make him really happy (might help to tame him also), how about adopting a same sex buddy for him from a shelter or rescue? I can point you in the direction of rescues near by if you want :)

The whole 'rabbits/piggies should be outside in hutches' thing is old. Indoor cages all the way! Your piggies will thank you!
Sorry that didnt really answer your question.

All new piggies will pee a bit. give him cuddles for no longer then 20mins, but more frequently (eg 2-3 20min cuddles per day). How about covering your lap with a towel just incase? My pigs always tell me (after a few accidents you learn!) when they need to go...I then put them in their travel box or their cage for a min then bring them back. After a few months your pig will probably tell you too.
It's learned. Every time he pees on you, you put him back in the cage. So he will keep peeing on you.

He is unsure of you because he is secluded outside. You are unfamiliar. If you house him indoors, where he is more part of the family and feel safer, comfortable, he will be more tame. Get him a friend too.
Spinaylee, can you please start capitalizing properly. Thank you.
Sorry didn't realise i was doing it!
I don't have much to add to the advice, but I wanted to know if you're considering getting him a friend? I see in your profile that you put him in a run for playtime with a rabbit. Another guinea pig would be much better.

See here: https://guineapigcages.com/rabbits.htm for more information.

I also wanted to add that he's absolutely adorable! I love creams!
Thank you very much, I agree with you that he is adorable hehe!
I have just this minute gotten him a MUCH larger cage (4ft) so I will probably get him a little friend now he has the space for one! Thanks for all your help!

Ly&Pigs, I am sorry if I was not using Capital Letters appropriately before, but I am dyslexic and sometimes have trouble when I am in a rush.
Bromers have never peed on me but he always peed on my sister when she picked him up he also does his bussiness on her. Maybe they dont like how they smell or hold them or something.
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