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Breeding Breeders

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Dec 15, 2011
What do you all think of breeders? I don't mean the breeders that don't give the guinea pigs the right play time and care, but the educated, qualified breeders that give piggies floor time, veggies, plenty of hay, and everything else. Or the ones that call themselves breeders but just sell to pet stores and do it for the money.

I am asking this because I feel that this is okay. I think that the real problem is the pet stores and if they didn't sell live animals, all guinea pigs would come from breeders who know what they're doing. Currently, (if you think about it) most guinea pigs do come from the pet stores. Ones who are for adoption are from people who bought their guinea pig from a pet store and neglected it.

It is just a question I would like to ask and if there is something wrong with breeders, please voice your opinion, I want to know what everyone thinks. And I know I am just talking about qualified, educated breeders but feel free to talk about the others, also.

(By the way, I do support adopting. I have adopted a piggie and it feels great to give them a 2nd chance for a good home.)
they support the overpopulation that we already have with guinea pigs. thats the problem.
Not to be mean, but I don't really understand why people keep bringing this up because there are threads about this all over.

There is no such thing as a "responsible" breeder. If you're a responsible pet owner you won't breed your animals. Not matter how well you take care of them.
Clovers, we've just been through this, ad nauseum. Please click on Advanced Search, at the top of the page, pick the date limit as the last 30 days, and you'll find several threads which explain nearly everybody's feelings on breeding.

Also read Breeding Guinea Pigs. CavySpirit ran a rescue for many years, taking in the offspring of irresponsible breeders. She pretty much says it all.

And with that, this thread is closed. We may entertain another one when some time has gone by, but this is enough for now.
Not open for further replies.