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Flags Breeder

From what I can tell, T.E. (don't know if full names of breeders are allowed on here) are the initials of the culprit, as found on her very detailed website. It says she's been breeding them since she was a teen (she's way past that now) and added dog and horse breeding after suffering a major car accident. I did a search using her name on Facebook and found that she has a public page as well. Apparently, she's out of contact because of a health problem, some biopsies, etc. She appears Christian. Although, I'm not sure she connects her faith with the way she treats animals. I'd say that's some bad karma, but only here to vent. Despite the public shaming she's getting from people commenting on her pictures or posts, I doubt she's going to stop. She's way too arrogant and frankly, ignorant.
My friend responded and it appears that the groups on Facebook are somehow being reorganized so there are some that are scattered now. I don't do Facebook so I don't know. However, there is a group, dnapets.org, that may be an option. Go to the "about" tab and it describes what they can do. It seems pretty comprehensive.
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