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Jun 18, 2012
Hi there, I'm new to the site and was just looking at all the wonderful pictures everyone has put up. It really has inspired me to go ahead and use a C&C cage instead of a store bought cage. Unfortunately I had already bought a store cage online before doing my research thoroughly but I guess I can use it for transport.
I'm looking to purchase my first ever guinea pigs soon but wanted to make sure I had their C&C cage ready first. So excited!
Thanks for all the handy tips on here. Really inspirational!
Thanks for joining- good job doing research!!! I love this site but even more, I love my guinea pigs.
Welcome! This site does have some great ideas, especially for cages. After getting scraps of coroplast for free, my cage only cost $20! If there is an animal shelter or rescue nearby, remember to check for your new guinea pigs there.
A lot like me-- Joined and built a C&C before I got my Cavies!

Welcome to the forum. Good luck!
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