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Brand new Piggie mommy!


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May 29, 2012
Hey all

I'm a brand new Piggie mommy to 4 beautiful Guinea Pigs! Charlie (3 month old Boar), Chase (2 month old sow), Shadow & Echo (5 week old twin sows).

I'm very new to this and there are a few things I'm really not too clued up on yet...e.g. Why does my Boar beg for food and come running when he hears me, but he runs like hell when I want to pick him up?

Is a 5 metre by 5metre open top cage too small for 4 pigs?

What else can I give them to use as toys?

I'd really like to hear from any professionals out there?
I'm no professional, but I think you should immediately separate the boar from the sows. I may have misunderstood, but it seems like you are saying that all 4 pigs are housed together... And I think your piggies are old enough to get pregnant! So please separate the male from females right away!
Also, my guinea pigs were like that when I first got them, even the older ones. If you are patient in earning their trust (& give veggie treats during lap time), they will warm up with time. I don't think guinea pigs actually like being picked up (scary for them), so they run even though they may want your attention. Just be patient, gentle, and kind. My piggies like dried grass or twig toys (not sticks) the best. They have little grass / twig huts, balls, and beds. But please do separate the male from the females. :)
My little boy was adopted from a shelter and has been castrated so it should be fine to keep them together now right?
Yes. Wonderful of you to adopt. :)
Yeah, it seemed like the right thing to do! So many Piggies need a good home! Would you by any chance know why my boy rumbles at the rest when I am near? Can he be jealous maybe?
I'm not sure. My boys are in a separate room than my girls because they are not neutered. My boys sometimes rumble at each other when one wants a particular hide or something, but I think it could be they are trying to work out hierarchy. Hopefully someone with more experience can give you advise. I'm new & learning too. Welcome, btw. :)
congratulations mommy i have in my babies cage a mirror with bells on it
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