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boys love their "veggie basket"


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Nov 26, 2011
first i want to say how grateful i have been for all the suggestions and ideas i've found on this sight - how creative and how "guinea pig-centric" you all are :D
one of the ideas i found here - sorry i forget from whom - was about taking a pyrex dish and filling it with veggie treats amonst hay, balls of paper, etc. so they can dig and "work" for their veggies. i modified it a bit, and am using a smaller metal tray - something i found at an office supply store meant for holding pencils and small office supplies. i put some hay in the bottom, some of their favorite veggies in the middle and a light covering of hay on top. i put a couple veggies on top that they find easily to get the started. ;)well, they seem to love it! they nose around in their sweet smelling hay, and eat the hay AND their peppers, green beans, etc. i used to have a service dog (he retired, and i'm waiting for another one - any day now) and i know how important it is for an animal's health to keep them intellectually stimulated as well. so this was a great idea!
That is an awesome idea, I think we will try this as well!
^ Same here:D
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