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Water Bowl or Bottle?


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Mar 16, 2012
I've always used a bottle with Mr. Whistles. My only issue with it is keeping it clean. Every 2 days I have it soak in hot water and soap. And every month it gets a hot water and bleach soak. Both soaks are followed with thorough hot water rinsing.

Does anyone have a preference? And why do you prefer to use the bowl or bottle?

I prefer a bottle; water bowls can be too easily soiled or spilled.
Bowls can be spilled quite easily. I tried a bowl and my pigs either ran laps through it or tried hopping over it unsuccesfully no matter where I placed it. It was unsanitary and got the fleece soaked. Some people can use bowls with better results,though.

I think once you have been changing water bottles daily ( or every other day) you kind of just get into the routine and stop caring so much. I have a bottle per pig, and I think it only takes me 5 minutes to do a daily vinegar rinse. I also clean the spout and bottle with a Q-tip and brush during this short time.
Hm....I never tought to use a Q-tip to clean the spout.
I would only use a bottle. I clean it every other day with hot water.

Also, I wouldn't use soap to rinse them. Just nice hot water. Vinegar would work, too, as stated above.
The SPCA I adopted my piggies from had a bowl of water, and they said they recommend a bottle because the bowl gets spilled very frequently, so I would recommend the same for the same reason. Fortunately the piggies had no problem transitioning from a bowl to a bottle.

I also definitely agree with the Q-tip idea; I've been using small firm cotton balls because it's what we have at the moment, but I will totally use that idea! :)
I always thought a bottle was the way to go, but I was worried that Mufasa wasn't getting enough water from the bottle when I brought him home (in retrospect, I think he was just playing with it). I gave him both a bottle and a bowl, and he uses both equally. He seems to enjoy the bowl, and he has a plastic ledge I keep it on so he doesn't really spill it or get it all that messy. I figure I'll let him keep both unless the bowl becomes a mess or spill problem.
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