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Bought a pig with weird skin condition, store says return it and they will kill him?


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Mar 11, 2012
Hi, everyone. My name is Den and I bought a pig yesterday from Petland Discount. Despite the store name, nothing was actually on sale:yuck:

I bought a male 3 month old pig, my brother named him Robbie (Yeah I know, my brother is british...:yuck:)

But today, I came to find a bald spot between his eye and ear, called the store, they told me to bring it back and possibly return him.

Did some research online and called my friend who used to work there, and he said sick pet are usually dead sentence. They won't even try to treat them.


his is the link for his photos. I want him to have a happy live and I'm a newbie at his. Things are confusing and I don't want to make mistakes for Robbie. Please give me some advise. Thanks.

P.S. I live in NYC
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