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bottles or dishes?


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Nov 26, 2011
so, i know there was a recent post about the cleanliness/safety if water bottles. i have a slightly related question. i really hate the plastic water bottles - i just know i can't get them really clean enough (no dishwasher). and i've herd alot about the glass bottles leaking. a previous poster mentioned using shallow ceramic dishes. i like that idea - what do yo all think? i cold refresh the water 2-3 times a day if necessary, and i'd keep it in a corner, away from running and popcorning routes :)
I wonder if a microwavable baby bottle sterilizer would work? They are in the baby section. I used glass bottles with my kids so I just boiled them. For the piggies I use the dishwasher.
I know I said it before but I use the Creme Brulee dishes these - Crème Brûlée Dish in Individual Bakeware | Crate and Barrel

After 3 glass living world bottles and 2 Water Buddy bottles (with a special patented no leak valve) I realized part of the problem was my piggies playing with the water. So in a day they would empty almost an entire bottle leaving the fleece soaked. I tried a brick and a bowl but it was always too much and I ended up with soggy fleece.

I have 2 young boars and a 2x6 with a 2x1 loft and have a dish in a corner on both floors. I put it in a corner so they don't run through it and it is the perfect shallowness, making drinking is easy. I refresh them in the morning at their veggie/sweep time and at night when I give them evening veggies and sweep. They have never tipped over these bowls.

I think bowls would not work in a kitchen or with bedding other than fleece because it would constantly have stuff kicked into it.
thanks @SeeSpotSit! it was your post it was referring to initially. :) i think i'll give it a try. i was just wondering if there was an compelling reason NOT to use dishes i didn't know about.
@jacqueline - I thought the same thing when I was thinking of switching. With all of these people using fleece, I am often surprised at how many people don't use bowls...everyone says you're supposed to change their water daily even with bottles, but I highly doubt a 16 oz bottle gets changed everyday by most people. Also, with all of these inventive ways to help with the water bottle leakage problem, it's amazing I don't see more bowls in the gallery.
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